My Dream Job

My dream job is to be a chef. It would be lots of fun. The reason I would want to do this is I am really good at cooking and making new recipes. People could try out my new dishes. I would want to work at a fancy restaurant or something more common and not the fanciest. I don’t really care what my shifts would be because I like day and night. My favorite time to work would be night and morning because I  love making breakfast and making new recipes for the restaurant.

One of my favorite dishes is in the morning so would I want to make something simple but delightful: it would be eggs with toast and bacon or bacon with fried beans and fried tomatoes. If wanted the eggs would have lots of cheese and with seasoning on it and a drink of your choice.


Zoom post

Hi viewers,

Take a good look at this picture because our class is making stories from  a picture. I’ll start the story and you guys add on please.

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There once was a lonely horse who was lost in the white snow. The snow was very cold for the horse and she was sad and she didn’t know what do. She was looking around when suddenly…


Remembrance Day

Hi everyone it was Remembrance Day a few day ago in Canada and this is my poem I wrote.

 Standing in the war zone, bombs going off around me.
Gun shots whizzing past me and hitting my friends.
Friends and soldiers dying everywhere around me.
I wish I had never joined the army
And I was at home with family and friends.
I am here right now and I can’t go home
So I may as well try my best to win this war.
I hope I will survive to see my family again.
On Remembrance Day,
We honor the people who fought in the war.  


 Happy Halloween

Hello world

I was wondering what your Halloween was like. I know I had loads of fun.  Me and my friends were trick or treating until 10:37 at night and we got loads of candy and chocolate. I was a trollI all so  carved pumpkins a few days before Halloween which was lots of fun.

 If you want you guys can tell me what you guys did for Halloween. How many full size chocolate bars did you get? 


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Lost Dog

Coleguilla - Little fella


Hi I just decided to  write a post about  my dog .

Have you guys in the world ever lost someone’s  dog or your own dog?

I Have but I didn’t lose her,  my step mom forgot her by accident.

We realized that  she was gone so then I decided to make a route to see if I could find her.  I was all most done my route and said  to myself,Where is she? Did she go to the pound or what?

As soon as I said that I came up the path to my school and there was a dog.   I think to myself, is that my dog or what? It was her and she was tied up to the fence.  I then untied her and headed home.

Have you ever lost a dog ?

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7 Random things about me


  1. I really like to do hard work for neighbours friends, and family.
  2. I love hanging out with my friends all the time.
  3. I can’t what to see my uncle when he comes back from Alberta.
  4. I like to earn money by babysitting kids of  friends and family kid’s.        
  5. I love to see my little brother whenever I come from my mom’s,  and my stepbrother and stepsister too.
  6. I love to take my dog for walks. And take her to the park to throw the ball for her.
  7. I really enjoy going out with my grandpa hunting in the out back.

Hello world!

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m just starting this blog so make sure to visit my blog often so you can see new posts all the time. First posts coming soon, world.